WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Edge is banned from using the Spear
Edge (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Before the match, Vickie Guerrero reiterated the stipulation and introduced Dolph Ziggler. Tony Chimel did the official ring introductions for the challenger Dolph Ziggler and champion Edge.

Lock up and Edge hits a quick knee. Edge with a few more elbows and Ziggler fires back with a few right hands. Edge launches Ziggler into the corner and drops a quick knee. Ziggler with more offense on Edge including some big stomps. Ziggler drops a big elbow across the chest of Edge over the ring apron. Ziggler turns the same to the back of Edge’s neck after turning him over. Edge with a catapult into a pinfall for a two count. Ziggler responds with a quick reverse neckbreaker for a two count as well. Ziggler with a jumping elbow drop over Edge’s chest. Ziggler launches Edge off the ring apron into the ring barricade on the outside. Ziggler tosses Edge back in, goes for a pinfall and Edge kicks out after two. Ziggler applies a headlock on Edge. Edge fights out to his feet and the two meet in the middle of the ring hitting a double crossbody. Edge fires back with a big jumping clothesline. Ziggler goes for the fameasser, but Edge reverses in mid air into a sitdown powerbomb. Edge goes up top and Ziggler cuts him off jumping up with him. Edge knocks Ziggler off, connects with a crossbody, but Ziggler reverses into a pinfall for a close two count. Ziggler with a standing dropkick and another two count. Edge counters a Zig Zag attempt and locks on a modified Sharpshooter. Ziggler is able to get to the bottom rope. Edge misses a body splash on Ziggler against the ropes and Ziggler hits the fameasser. Ziggler in for the cover and Edge gets a shoulder up after a close two count. Ziggler can’t believe it. Edge catches Ziggler with a big boot. Edge starts to lean down for a Spear, but realizes he can’t do it. Ziggler attempts a sleeper, but Edge counters into a DDT. Edge hooks the leg and Vickie Guerrero pulls the referee out. Vickie starts yelling at Edge and slaps him on the ring apron. Edge with a rollup on Ziggler when he almost runs into Vickie. Ziggler kicks out after two. Vickie slaps Edge. Kelly Kelly walks out and slaps Vickie. Kelly Kelly then takes out Vickie. In the ring, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Edge. Ziggler goes for the cover and Edge barely kicks out after two. Ziggler with a sleeper on Edge. Referee bump when Edge tries to break free. Edge drops Ziggler in a stunner to break free. Vickie is still down. Edge backs up in the corner and hits the Spear on Ziggler. Edge stays down when Ziggler goes down. The referee recovers. Edge sits up smiling. Edge hits the Killswitch (Christian’s finisher) on Ziggler and gets the pinfall.

Winner & still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Vickie Guerrero recovers and screams, “Noooooooooo!” Edge is handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and holds it up high in the corner as he takes a look at the Wrestlemania 27 logo hanging in the arena.

A video package runs highlighting events between The Miz and Randy Orton.

* The Miz defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton is up next.