ROYAL RUMBLE: Royal Rumble (Update #2)

10. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero with a the three amigos suplex spot on DiBiase. Punk breaks it up and Chavo does it to Punk. Morrison gets involved and Chavo executes three amigos on him. Chavo takes out Bryan with three amigos.

11. Mark Henry

Mark Henry with big headbutts. Henry catches Chavo and tosses him over.

Chavo Guerrero is eliminated.

Henry clotheslines Tatsu over next.

Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated.

Time expires.

12. JTG

JTG with some right hands to Harris. Harris with a big elbow on Bryan. Time expires.

13. Michael McGillicutty

Michael McGillicutty goes after JTG and dropkicks him over the top rope.

JTG is eliminated.

Harris and McGillicutty send Ted DiBiase over the top rope.

Ted DiBiase is eliminated.

14. Chris Masters

Chris Masters goes right after the Nexus members. Masters with a huge spinebuster on McGillicutty. Masters gets the Masterlock on Punk and almost eliminates him. McGillicutty comes to the rescue.

15. David Otunga

Nexus starts going after everyone with the numbers on their side.

Daniel Bryan is eliminated.
Chris Masters is eliminated.
John Morrison is eliminated.

They all focus on Mark Henry. They eventually toss him out.

Mark Henry is eliminated.

16. Tyler Reks

Nexus immediately double team Tyler Reks when he hits the ring. Punk tosses him over.

Tyler Reks is eliminated.

17. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov hits the ring with a big kick. Nexus overwhelm him with punches and kicks. Harris with a body splash on Kozlov. Punk is laughing and tosses Kozlov over the top rope.

Vladimir Kozlov is eliminated.

18. R-Truth

Nexus attacks Truth when he hits the ring. Harris holds Truth down as the rest of Nexus kick Truth. Punk with a high knee to Truth in the corner and yells, “Hey, what’s up!?” Punk tosses Truth over the top rope.

R-Truth is eliminated.

19. The Great Khali

Punk stops smiling and puts Otunga in front of him. He has Nexus protect him. Khali takes out Nexus with big right hands and kicks. Khali tosses Harris over.

Husky Harris is eliminated.

Khali with a big chop to Punk.

20. Mason Ryan

More updates to come. Stay tuned.