We have had a ton of readers send us word about local advertising in Fresno, California for the Monday Night Raw taping on February 21, 2011 following the debut of the “2-21-11” teaser promo on Raw last night. A video that promotes the show locally shows the return of The Undertaker.

Other readers also confirmed this with local advertising as well.

MrFury559 sent this in: I don’t know if someone else has sent this in yet; I believe the 2-21-11 promo was given away by my local TV advertising. That particular Monday Night Raw is in my area of Fresno, CA. They’re advertising it on local TV as the return of The Undertaker.

Miss Lindsie sent this in: This could be a spoiler: I was looking at the WWE schedules for the February 21, 2011 RAW episode and see more information at the Save Mart Center website and they stated that The Undertaker is returning that night on their website.