Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer:

The show opens with Alberto Del Rio coming out with another red carpet and balloons celebration. He says it’s his destiny to be World champion. Kofi Kingston came out with a kendo stick and messed up the set.

Alberto Del Rio b Kofi Kingston with the armbar in a non-title match.

Justin Gabriel b Vladimir Kozlov with the 450 splash. After the match, The Corre laid out Kozlov and also laid out Santino Marella who tried to make the save.

Drew McIntyre b Chris Masters with the future shock DDT. McIntyre dedicated the match to the fired Kelly Kelly, so their angle hasn’t been forgotten.

Rey Mysterio did an interview talking about Cody Rhodes.

Wade Barrett did an interview saying he would win the world title in the elimination chamber match.

Wade Barrett b Rey Mysterio when The Corre distracted Mysterio. They beat down Mysterio after the match until Big Show made the save, but they beat him down as well. Ezekiel Jackson slammed Show one more time.

Kane b JTG with a chokeslam.

Eve Torres b Layla. Layla and Michelle McCool argued after the match.

Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler for the world title. Vickie Guerrero kept trying to fast count Edge, but he kept kicking out anyway. Vickie was getting crazy heat. Vickie tried to spear Edge to help Ziggler win, but in doing so, sold an ankle injury. With Vickie down, Edge gave Ziggler two spears. Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers hit the ring wearig a referee shirt and counted to three. Edge then celebrated in the ring with all the Packers who were at the show.