2/11 WWE Results: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Matthew Brosseau sent this report in:

Flew to Vancouver from Calgary and took in the RAW house show that took place in Vancouver.

First of some general notes. I’m very used to attending TV tapings as in Alberta we tend to get one RAW and one SD taping. This was my first house show and let me tell you, it was so much more enjoyable then a TV taping. I felt like the crowd was able to interact more with the talent, and in cases like Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, and The Miz… it really showcased the talent they have as heels. Ted DiBiase generated a CRAZY amount of heat. And I also think that being closer and more intimate with the crowd better showcases the matches. I honestly thought all the matches were high paced and really good, there wasn’t really one match that I was angry with.

I also think that Vancouver is incredibly hungry for a TV taping though. The venue that was chosen was a very underused arena according to people I talked to. I’d say a capacity of maybe 3,000ish and it was full. A group I talked to in front of me said RAW only taped in the now Rogers Arena a few years ago, and that was it.


Daniel Bryan came out with Gail Kim to take on Tyson Kidd for the United States Championship and retained. (Obviously… I mean, a house show. in Vancouver. with Tyson Kidd.)

Out of nowhere, we ended up with Zack Ryder and Primo. Before the match started we got GeneralMail on Justin Robert’s BlackBerry, and it was changed into a singoff. Yeah, I would have rather seen them wrestle, it was that weird. Zack Ryder sang “The Star Spangled Banner” and replaced half the words with “Woo woo woo” which prompted someone in the audience to yell a Christina Agulara reference. Primo sang “La Bamba” and it was up to the fans to decide who won and Primo won. Then I think Ryder pushed him and they tussled.

Then we had Melina and Alicia Fox take on Natalya and Eve Torres. Fox wore some weird hat that everyone kept yelling at her to take off and everytime they made the tag, they switched the hat. She also had some horrible horrible red hair that looked pretty damaged. Natalya and Eve won.

Then David Hart Smith and Ted DiBiase faced each other. As I mentioned, DiBiase got incredible heat. Before the match started, we got GeneralMail again, and it was turned into a dance off with the ref included and the ref won. I think we got GeneralMailed again, and got an actual match. I forget the actual result here but I think this is the match where the Bella’s came out and picked someone out of the crowd to be a bell ringer, and then got involved with Maryse maybe?

Mason Ryan & Michael McGullicutty took on Santino/Kozlov for the belts. Santino/Kozlov retained.

CM Punk took on Mark Henry and won. Henry looked really sore on the way out.

Sheamus and Morrison fought in a Fans Choice match, and we chose a Street Fight. Sheamus argued that he wanted a two out of three falls match, but lost quickly on that matter. The match involved alot of kendo sticks, chair shots, and a quite big throw into a barrier. Morrison won.

Miz vs Orton for the title was the main event and it went very much back and forth until new Nexus attacked and cost Orton the victory, but after the match Orton delievered a series of RKOs to end the show and walked out.

One thing that I really admire Orton for… was this:
As he was walking out, the area the “ramp” was in passed a wheelchair section. Randy took the time to say something to each and everyone of them. I was quite impressed. Good job Randy.

That’s bout it. Sorry bout the little bit of rushed ending, but I’ve been up since like 5:30 AM so, I’m a little exhausted.