2/13 WWE Results: Canyon, Texas

Rocky Jimenez sent this report in:

It had been almost 7 years since WWE held a show in Canyon, TX. That night, it was a Post-WrestleMania XX Raw House Show, headlined by Chris Benoit defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H. That night I got my first glance at a WWE House Show and see some of my favorite wrestlers live in my home town.

So tonight, thanks to Circus Gatti being at the Amarillo Civic Center, WWE held their SmackDown Road To WrestleMania show at the First United Bank Center in Canyon, Tx. Hyped to be there were Edge, Rey Mysterio, Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston, and arguably the best wrestler in WWE… ALBERTO DEL RIO~!!!

So, how was the show? What went down? Are you sure you want to know? Then here we go, another Rocky Jimenez WWE House Show Recap!


Not gonna lie, I was very steamed after I got into the FUB Center. I got there around 4:30, and apparently the show was supposed to start at 5. When I got there, there were two different lines around the whole building: One for those who had their tickets in hand, and the other for those who either had to purchase their tickets or had to pick them up at Will Call. Now, I would have had no problem with this if WWE had realized they had half their fans OUTSIDE and hold off starting the show. Instead, I got inside, and they were just ringing the bell for MATCH NUMBER THREE! Either WWE was just getting impatient, or the crew at the FUB Center should have really stepped up their game for this one. At that last show, WWE had a great amount of fans inside of the arena before actually beginning. Either way, I will go and actually pick up my tickets from now on so I don’t miss half of the show.

So, since I missed half the show, I have to say just go check out the recap from Lubbock, Tx the night before (maybe someone will link it here… maybe…)

MATCH 1 – Chris Masters vs Jack Swagger
WINNER – Chris Masters (Missed)

MATCH 2 – For the Number 1 Contendership to the WWE Tag Team Championships – The Corre (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) vs JTG & Percy Watson vs Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins
WINNERS – The Corre (Missed… and PISSED! I really wanted to see Percy Watson in action live!)

MATCH 3 – Layla vs Beth Phoenix
Ok, first off, there was some biker chick out at ringside… Ok, not just some biker chick, but it was Kaitlyn in a leather jacket. I guess I should have known that, but I’m sorry, I guess I missed out on that season of NXT.

Anywho, this match was actually a good diva’s match, which is hard for me to say because I usually go and get my beverages and merch while I can. I love how much heat Layla got, and this girl can actually work. Beth Phoenix can work too, but I’m not a big Glamazon fan. I’m just glad there was no McCool, because that would have ruined it for me. The finish saw Beth hit Layla with that Implant Buster looking move… Hmmm, maybe she is calling a certain Kong out? *DING*
WINNER – Beth Phoenix

Also, love how Layla acted like she was so hurt and jumped into referee Jack Doan’s arms and had him carry her to the back. (I say Jack Doan, but hey, I could be wrong.)

MATCH 4 – For the Intercontinental Championship – Kane vs Kofi Kingston (C)
Your basic Kofi Kingston prancing match will now be interrupted by the amazing actual wrestling skill by Kane. I swear, this match had to much Kofi Bouncy Bouncy and not enough Kane beatdown. And Kofi is not over WHATSOEVER in Canyon. Yea, Kofi has his fans here, but they were outweighed by Kane’s hardcore fans in the crowd. Even kids didn’t know who to cheer for. And I’m sorry, but Kofi ended up botching what would have been a beautiful dropkick on Kane. The finish Kane use Kofi as a weapon to launch at the ref, and proceed to give Kofi a BIG chokeslam. It was a nice tease, but it was just that, and after the Trouble in Paradise…
WINNER – Kofi Kingston (Still Champion)

Two thing I gotta mention. One) Tony Chimel is awesome, and him running away from Kane destroying Kofi outside the ring was hilarious. I think he and Kofi need to have a prance-off sometime down the future. Two) after the ref bump, the ref held onto his nose throughout the rest of the match. Not sure, but either he was selling like crazy, or he may have broken his nose. I didn’t see any blood, but I also had a cheap seat so who knows.

Next, Kaitlyn returned with Hornswoggle (SWEET!!!) to give out some free swag before intermission. Another bad call here because the merch booth was literally right next to the concession booth. Maybe not even 10 feet away from each other. Thanks to this, while waiting in line to try and get a soda, I got to miss the next match… but not the promo.

MATCH 5 – Drew McIntyre vs Chavo Guerrero
Drew had big time heat, from calling Texas a 1800 throwback, to talking down to the hispanics, the guy was on fire. Sadly, this came to an end when FACE Chavo Guerrero came to the ring. I’m sorry, but last time I watched Superstars, Chavo was tagging with Tyler Reks as a heel. I know this is a Texas crowd, but if your gonna have someone a heel on TV, keep them heel on the road. Then, I heard the most ridiculous thing come out of Chavo’s mouth: “You know the old say? You bite one bean, you get the whole burrito!” I’m in line, palm on face, shaking head because Chavo, as a FACE, just said one of the MOST RACIST COMMENT EVER. Gotta love the writing there. Anyways, missed the match because I was still in line, but I’m pretty sure no one expected anything other than…
WINNER: Drew McIntyre

We then get a promo from Canyon’s own (Yes, I said Canyon, not Amarillo, seeing as he lives and goes to church in Canyon) TERRY FUNK! Funk commented on how West Texas A&M University (the school that owns the FUB Center) was a breeding ground for alot of WWE Hall Of Famers, including Tully Blanchard, Stan Hansen, and Ted DiBiase Sr. He also talked about how all he ever wanted to do was wrestle, and that his dad died in an ambulance after a huge wrestling match. He continues until The Corre (with retard music) comes out. They start to surround Terry, almost as if to attack him, until Big Show comes out and stares them down. Then, as Big Zeke tries to attack show, he starts giving out headbutts left and right. At this point, Kofi, Masters, and Percy all run to the ring, and they, along with Terry, clean house. The Corre is sent to the back, and we get our next match…

MATCH 6 – Wade Barret vs Big Show
As one Hunter Golden would have called it, it was a “squishy squash” match. There was enough time for Wade to look like a threat, but not enough for him NOT to get the KO Punch. Very quick, but with the promo, I deem it as a solid performance either way.
WINNER – Big Show

MAIN EVENT – Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio & Edge
NO RICARDO!!! Good thing Alberto didn’t need him though, because Del Rio’s mic time was GOLDEN! This guy left no one out when ranting with the crowd. He told everyone what their destiny was, from a horrible job, to a horrible wife, to even mentioning the cheap seats and how they have no class. This guy alone sold me my ticket for the show, and he did not disappoint.

NO VICKIE!!! This one actually surprised me. Why not have Vickie out there? Sure, Ziggles had heat from the get-go, but there was just something missing without her. Please WWE, let Vickie into the house shows as well. It will help.

This was a very solid match. Even Edge looked better than he has recently on TV. Everyone in this match was on the ball, and even the slip ups were barley noticeable. I loved how Rey and Edge worked the crowd into getting momentum, while Del Rio and Ziggles worked the crowd but cutting off tags left and right. Very nice ending too. Though I thought they may have had Del Rio get the cheap win, I guess you play to your crowd, and the crowd apparently wanted Dolph to take a 619 into the Spear for the finish.
WINNERS – Edge & Rey Mysterio

Edge and Rey played to the crowd for a good 10-15 minutes afterwards, hand out autographs and such.

So, in all, this was a GREAT show. Sure, I missed half of it, but what I did see was just what I expected to pay for. Although I really wish they would have teased Cody Rhodes a little, I was still very impressed. This is one of the better shows I have been to in some time. Hell, may be there with the show from 2004. But now, we wait for WWE to decide to show up again. … Just please, go back to the Civic Center. At least there you got to see the whole show without waiting for over half the crowd still in line.