The San Gabriel Valley Tribune is featuring an interview with WWE Champion The Miz discussing what went through his head the moment he won the WWE Championship.

“(There were) so many emotions that went through my head (when winning the belt). When I first won it, when the 1-2-3 happened, I couldn’t control my excitement, it was just exuding. Once I got the title, it kind of went to an ‘oh my god’ moment, it takes your breath away. And when I was up on the second rope, I remember raising the belt going, ‘Oh my god, I’m raising the WWE Championship as the WWE Champion.’ And I felt myself choke up, I felt myself getting teary eyed. And I was like, ‘Wait a second. You can’t do that. You’re the WWE Champion.’ Then I went out of the ring, (Alex Riley) was there and we both celebrated together. Feeling his excitement made me feel even more excited. So that’s kind of the first three minutes of my WWE Championship (reign).”

Full interview:
WWE champ The Miz talks RAW