Recap of the chat with The Rock on’s Evan O’Brien sent this in:

I don’t know if you’ve read the quotes from The Rock’s live chat on, I found the quotes to be quite interesting. In terms of hinting that is I know it’s kayfabed to an extent.

When asked why did he pick this years WrestleMania the Rock responded:
“Because I felt the time was right to so something special. Not only can I feed my own need and desire to perform. More importantly than that, do something special for you WWE fans.”

When asked what his favourite WrestleMania match was the Rock said:
“My favorite WrestleMania matches of all time were Icon vs. Icon in Toronto vs. Hulk Hogan and vs. Steve Austin in the Houston Astrodome. Both of those matches will go down as two of most memorable. I had the honor of working with two titans of WWE.”

When asked about John Cena will react the Rock had this to say:
“John Cena said a variety of things that came across my desk which at first I thought was interesting and then I felt was laughable because the comments really didn’t make any sense to me. To be clear, not that they ever make me mad. I just thought the comments were an interesting choice of things to say. I don’t know how John Cena will react to my comments. I don’t know him so I can’t speak as to how he will respond.”

When asked how hands on he plans to be at WrestleMania the Rock replied:
“My goal is to create an incredible show. The guys have prepared for this night all year and they are going to put on incredible wrestling matches and I am there to not only support their matches but work with the great WWE production team and put on an electrifying show. That means I will be backstage and in the ring creating unforgettable and iconic WrestleMania moments.”

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