Alicia Fox talks Wrestlemania 28, Divas title, more

Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald interviewed former WWE Divas champion Alicia Fox. Here are a few notes from the article.

– On Wrestlemania 28 being outdoors in Miami: “We had WrestleMania 24 in Orlando with an open roof. It was actually more refreshing than we thought. I’m an outdoorsy person so you can feel the cool breeze. It can be refreshing compared to being confined in an arena. We are in closed top arenas every week, so outside events are definitely my favorite,” said the Florida native

– On the diva championship: “I would really like to hold the championship again, whether it is on the Road to WrestleMania or at WrestleMania,” Fox said. “”I am grateful to have become divas champion, because I think that was really when Alicia Fox was born.”

– Fox also has a sister Christina currently training with Florida Championship Wrestling.