Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring quotes from Vince McMahon back on February 9 after the press conference announcing that Wrestlemania 28 was coming to Miami in 2012.

“You can’t deny the location. You can’t deny the warmth and the greeting from officials and the fans. Every one of these WrestleManias takes on its own personality. You want to go where you are welcome. We are very welcome. One thing about an outdoor event is you can do a lot of things outdoors you can’t do indoors in terms of pyro and the overall show itself. You can do a lot more [outdoors]. Again coming back to an open air stadium gives us the opportunity to do things that we can’t do in a closed environment. We just need to keep our fingers crossed in terms of maybe a little precipitation, but I think we are good with that as well. We have some connections.”

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McMahon Mania in Miami; WWE boss creates mega event