Hugo “BloodY” Peña sent this report in:

Hello, I’m Hugo “BloodY” Peña from Chile and I attended to the February 23 RAW House Show in Santiago, Chile.

Here is my report.

1st Match
R-Truth vs Primo Colon
– Awesome pop for R-Truth. The crowd was hot supporting him during the whole match, chanting his name and “Wazzup”. Primo cut a heel promo in Spanish.
Funny moment when Primo wrestled for about 1 minute with a bare butt (after Truth took Primo’s pants down enough to see his butt)
R-Truth won the match with a Face Crusher (MVP like)

2nd Match
Mark Henry vs Tyson Kidd
– Very Good reaction for Mark Henry from the audience.
Henry won with the World Strongest Slam”

3rd Match
Tag Team Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty w/ Mason Ryan.
– – One of Santino’s funniest matches I’ve seen. The man was playing the “weaker wrestler character” almost the entire match. New Nexus won thanks to Mason Ryan.

4th Match
Divas’ Championship Match
Eve Torres vs Alicia Fox
– The Anonymous RAW GM sent an E-Mail to Justin Roberts saying (Justin didn’t say… and I Quote…) before the match the Divas would compete in a Dance contest. Eve looked better and was attacked by Fox and couldn’t finish.
Torres retained later her title.

5th Match
WWE Title Match: The Miz w/Alex Riley vs Randy Orton
Really good title match. Here we had one of the biggest pops of the night for Randy Orton.
The Miz cut a promo (talking about how awesome he is) in a very understandable Spanish.
Miz won after Riley hit Orton’s back with his suitcase.
When leaving, Miz and Riley decided to come back and give Orton a beating. Randy RKOed both of them.


6th Match
US Title Match: Daniel Bryan w/Gail Kim vs Ted DiBiase
– Great crowd reaction for Daniel Bryan (I heard some “ROH” and “Let’s go Dragon” chants). This was easily one of the best matches of the night. The crowd was really hot on Bryan.
*Interesting note: In a moment of the match Bryan hit a “Snap Suplex” followed immediately by a “Flying Headbutt”. Same sequence played for years by Chris Benoit.

Maryse came to the ring during the match.
DiBiase tapped to the LeBell Lock. After the match Maryse slapped Kim, Bryan and DiBiase. Then Gail Kim knocked her out with her trademark kick.

** While Bryan was leaving the ring, Sheamus attacked him (following what happened on RAW this week)
** THE GM E-Mailed again and told Sheamus that he would be facing John Morrison in a Street Fight.

7th Match
Street Fight Match: John Morrison vs Sheamus
Morrison cut a promo in Spanish (understandable at least) and used a very local insult to get what was by far the biggest pop of the night.
Also a great match. They hit each other with chairs and Kendo Sticks. Fought on the ramp and even Sheamus was thrown over the fence to the crowd.
Morrison won after droping Sheamus on a chair and hitting him with a running knee.

8th Match
CM Punk vs John Cena
Alongside Orton’s, here I heard the biggest pops of the night for both Punk and Cena.
Last time Cena was in Chile he had more than half of the crowd against him and his T-Shirt was thrown back to the ring. This time there were a lot of little kids in attendance so he didn’t have that problem.
A guy from the crowd threw a “Chilean Flag T-Shirt” (Size –L-) to the ring and Cena put it on … with a lot of effort and worn it for a couple of minutes.

The referee was knocked down and the New Nexus attacked Cena but they were taken out of the ring by Koslov and Marella.
Cena Survived Punk’s GTS and hit an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope to get the count of 3.
Cena celebrated for a while, left the arena and the lights were turned off.

Great show overall. At least 3 great matches, 3 very good matches, 1 good match and a Divas Match.
Note: Miz’ “Hello: I’m Awesome” T-Shirt was sold out before the show even started.