Brian Fritz of AOL Fanhouse is featuring an interview with Rey Mysterio discussing WWE’s signing of Mistico (Sin Cara) announcing it yesterday in Mexico City.

“I think the opportunity now shown is that the doors are open for anybody that has the quality to be part of WWE. You have the talent, you have the desire to be a superstar, come and the doors will be open and if you can make it, you’ll be one of the top dogs. Alberto’s a big proof. When I came into the United States, I pretty much followed the Guerreros and Jerichos, a path as they just left Mexico and went on to ECW, WCW and WWE.

So it was kind of a little train that we were taking around. It kind of feels good in a way that those doors have been opened for other Mexican wrestlers. Like you said, now with Mistico coming in, I want to say that I think those doors were eventually opened by the talent that myself, Eddie and a lot of wrestlers that started their careers in Mexico have opened up for other guys.”

Full interview:
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