2/26 WWE Results: Ft. Wayne, Indiana

credit: Chris McCormick, f4wonline.com

1. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters b Jack Swagger in 9:00 with the Masterlock

–“Dashing” Cody Rhodes cuts an in-ring promo holding Rey’s mask saying the fans, like Rey Mysterio, are all ugly. Rey hits the ring to announce that Teddy Long has booked Edge & Rey v. Cody and Alberto Del Rio for tonight–

2. “Showtime” Percy Watson b Curt Hawkins in 9:00 with a reverse neckbreaker. I may have been the only person cheering Percy, as there were crickets chirping during his entrance. No more glasses for Percy, even during his ring intro. 🙁

–Special guest host Kaitlyn coaxes a young fan to help her with the ring bell duties before the next match–

3. Chavo Guerrero b Tyler Reks in 9:00 with a frog splash. Is Chavo a babyface now?

4. Beth Phoenix b Layla in 8:00 with the Glam Slam. As my son noted, Rosa Mendes came out for no reason at the end of this match, cheering on Beth seconds before the finish.

5. Kofi Kingston b Kane in 13:00 to retain the Intercontinental Title. The ref was bumped and couldn’t count the pin after Kane’s chokeslam, but was revived by the time Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

–Special guest host Kaitlyn and Hornswoggle toss T-shirts to the crowd–

6. Drew McIntyre b Trent Barreta in 10:00 with the Future Shock DDT. Trent was a good babyface in this match. Drew really had the people going and it wasn’t merely go-away heat.

7. Big Show b Wade Barrett in 8:00 with the chokeslam. Barrett was accompanied by the Corre (Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater.) Tony Chimel announces that Corre is banned from ringside, so they came to town for no reason. Post-match Corre hits the ring again, Big Show cleans house with a chair and Kofi comes out to show solidarity with his over-sized friend.

8. Edge/Rey Mysterio b Alberto Del Rio/”Dashing” Cody Rhodes in 14:00 when Rey hits the 619 on Cody and Edge spears him for the pin. Good main event and the crowd went crazy for Edge’s hot tag and the finish.