Stephen Parsons sent this report in:

Show starts off with Edge coming out saying how his celebration last week was interupted, he suggests the crowd to continue the celebration of Vickie’s firing last week. Drew McIntyre storms the ring, Teddy Long then comes out says that we all should thank Drew because him losing resulted in Vickie’s firing last week and unless he wanted to be fired, he would face Edge in a non-title match. Right now.

Edge defeats Drew McIntyre via sharpshooter.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits, the 3 spots of pyro go off, but immediatly something is wrong, it is Dashing Cody Rhodes in his mask. Rhodes cuts a promo saying that last week his father helped him set up Mysterio so he would feel a fraction of what Cody felt when his nose was broken. The promo leads to Rhodes challenging Mysterio at Wrestlemania where he vows to unmask Mysterio in front of the world

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel def Santino and Kozlov to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship via outside interference/Slater finisher.

Undertaker returns to Smackdown, delivers a promo in response to Triple H’s promo last night, says that Triple H in his opinion is the greatest world champion in the last decade and a half, but some streaks are meant to not be broken. And that he will Rest In Peace.

Laycool defeats Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes.

Jack Swagger defeats JTG via ankle lock.

Before the match Michael Cole reveals that he will annouce his referee on monday, that this man in a word is awesome one of the greatest in WWE history, and that him, Cole, Swagger think that Cleveland stinks. Cole celebrates with Swagger after the victory.

Big Show defeats Kane via DQ Chair shot, Corre tries to show alligence to Kane, but Kane wants no part of it.

Contract signing ends up chaotic as usual. Double team of Del Rio and Rodriguez sets up for Del Rio’s attempt to break Edge’s arm via steel chair to ring post. Out of nowhere Christian returns to Smackdown with an unholy assault on Del Rio, as the program goes off the air.

Dark matches:

Chavo Guerrero defeats Tyler Rekks via Frog Splash.

Edge, Christian, Big Show defeat Alberto Del Rio and the Corre, via Killswitch.