3/19 WWE Results: New York City, New York (Madison Square Garden)

Clinton Bowman (host of Wrestleview’s “The Velvet Room”) sent this report in:

I was in the nosebleed seats, as I got tickets literally 10 minutes before belltime, but for 34.50, the seats weren’t bad, I was directly above the entrance ramp.

So, our opening contest was for the WWE Championship. The Miz was defending his title against Randy Orton, however, before the match began, Mizanin cut a promo putting over his attacks on Khali and Cena, as well as his victories over Randy Orton. He demanded respect and said that the WWE Champion doesn’t have to wait, so he wants the title match to happen immediately. Orton comes out and busts out the Legend Killer pose during his entrance. Orton wins this match via DQ, after CM Punk attacks Orton. Punk attempts a GTS, but Orton counters into an RKO, followed up by throwing Miz out of the ring. The GM chimed in, as Justin Roberts read that the GM has given the WWE Universe at MSG the power to choose the night’s Main Event. It was either a WWE title rematch, or John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Miz and Punk. Crowd chose Cena/Orton vs. Miz/Punk.

Ohhhhhh…Radio…TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW! Zack Ryder teams up with Primo and Tyson Kidd to face off against Koztino and Evan Bourne, who were accompanied by Tamina. There were some nice comedy spots with Santino, such as falling into the ring reaching for the tag, bumping into the ref during a run-in as well as a Tamina back body drop to Tyson Kidd on the outside, not to mention Santino teasing the Cobra all match long. Koztino and Bourne win after Tyson gets blasted with a Cobra and an Air Bourne. It was a very good match, the fans were highly into Bourne and Santino.

Alex Riley comes out to some sick generic music. Says he’s not supposed to be here, but like any law abiding Superstar, he beat down security and made his way to the arena, and now he’s back. Puts over the Miz, even going as far as saying that Miz will be the best man at Riley’s wedding. He then demands that he get a match on Raw for his job. GM chimes is and is all…WHY WAIT TILL MONDAY? Great Khali comes out, we get a squash match, Khali wins with the Tree Bomb.

I KNOW YOU WANT MEHHHHHH! Sunny is our special guest referee for this Divas bout pitting the Bella Twins against SmackDown’s Kelly Kelly and the Divas Champion Eve Torres. Eve and Kelly win by pinfall after the Bellas botch Twin Magic. Very solid match all around. Post match, The Bellas beat down Eve, until Sunny makes the save. Crowd popped for Sunny, but for the most part didn’t know who she was.

Vickie Guerrero (I got something to say after the recap!) comes out and brags about beating Trish to get her job back. She then introduces Dolph Ziggler.

We get Ziggles vs. John Morrison in what was a match gone too long. Ziggler wins using the ropes as leverage when Morrison missed Starship Pain. Referee comes out and reverses the decision, announcing the match will restart. A young lady sitting next to me was bugging out over the fact that if this was TV, this would have never happened. During the restart, Vickie gets ejected after tripping Morrison up. Morrison practically no sells the last 15 minutes, and hits a Starship Pain for the victory. This was a John Morrison Shaman of Setup match…nothing good…

By the way, Vickie Guerrero wins the Velvet Room “Dat Ass of the Night” Award. She’s a 2 time winner, y’all, tied with Layla and Kelly.

R-Truth actually got our city RIGHT! We have a dance off for 4 Survivor Series tickets thanks to the GM, and 2 ladies and 2 guys were picked. The two ladies were from Jersey, so we got a LOUD “Jersey Sucks” chant going throughout the arena. The Black guy was from Brooklyn and sucked at dancing…boy was I disappointed. The winner was a senior citizen from The Bronx. Crowd was hyped for this.

After the intermission, we get Ted DiBiase v. Daniel Bryan w/Gail Kim. Crowd was slightly dead until Maryse came out…OH MARYSE! Maryse distracts the ref, was thwarted by Gail Kim, leading up to the LeBell Lock to end the match. Ted taps like Savion Glover.

Sheamus attacks Daniel Bryan after the match, then cuts a promo putting over his US Title win. He then threatens to end Triple H’s career in the semi-main event.

Triple H comes out to a monster reaction. There were some sick weapon shots from both men, especially Triple H beating Sheamus with the referee’s belt. That was amazingly funny. Crowd popped like hell for the Sledgehammer. Triple H wins via Pedigree.

Main Event Time! CM Punk and The Miz square off against “The Viper” Randy Orton and Dr. John Cena, Ph.D Thugonomics. I started a MEAN “Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks” chant from all the way in the nosebleeds…obviously, I was all for Cena…rocking the AWA HLR top rope shirt. Cena played this up while Punk absolutely lost it with laughter in the ring. Punk was too awesome in this match, certainly stole the show from Miz and Cena. The crowd was extremely split on John Cena, even bringing out the “Fruity Pebbles” chant…did I ever mention on the Velvet Room how much the Rock annoys me? Anyways, Orton teases the Punt, only to have Miz break it up, Cena make the save and Punk end that Cena rage. Oh…and Miz tried to do the People’s Elbow and failed miserably. It was like watching Austin and Kurt Angle go up against Mick Foley and The Rock…(if you listened to the Velvet Room during Black History Month, you’d get this reference that I’m making.) Miz grabs some chairs, gives one to Punk, they miss Cena and Orton wildly, only to have Cena and Orton hit their respective finishers on their Wrestlemania Adversaries and the team of Doc Thugs and The Legend Killer win, with Cena and Orton celebrating with the fans!

Biggest Pops: John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H, Santino Marella, Sunny, Old Dude from the Bronx in the Dance Contest.

Biggest Heat: Vickie Guerrero, The Miz, CM Punk, Sheamus, and the Two Ladies in the Dance Contest because they were from New Jersey.


Young Navigator’s Velvet Observations

– Almost every seat in the arena was filled. It was a near sellout crowd, and the crowd was HOT for almost every match.

– This was my FIRST ever WWE event. Being there live is surely an experience I would love to feel. Don’t be surprised if I end up going to the Live Raw on June 13th at Nassau Coliseum.

– VICKIE GUERRERO SMILED AND WAVED AT ME AS I WAS WALKING UP W. 31st STREET! Dude, I marked out in the middle of 7th Avenue when I saw her turning onto 31st, imagine how I melted when she actually gave me a wave! I marked like a little girl. It’s moments like those that make me a true fan of this business.

– The arena was electric for John Cena. As a John Cena fan, it really warmed my heart to cheer Cena on with the children. He is truly a hero among heroes.

– Eddie Edwards may have won the ROH title, but I’ll be honest, I’m glad I got to the ROH show late, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my friend Spence to go with me to MSG and check if they have last minute tickets if I was at the show.

– Survivor Series was confirmed to be at MSG this year, no date for ticket sales have been set yet.

All in all, it was a fun show to go to. If you go to ANY WWE show, make sure it’s a house show, because it’s the most fun you’ll ever have. Despite John Morrison’s performance tonight, the show was better than I expected walking into the show. Kudos to WWE for really sending their fans home happy! And thank you WWE for making my first ever live show the greatest memory in my life.