Gary Patton sent this in:

I just came back from Monday Night RAW in Pittsburgh and gotta say it was a decent show.

The dark match was R-Truth Vs Ryder. Truth got a pretty nice pop to open the show, while I feel like I was the only cheering on Ryder. R-Truth via his finisher.

Superstars started.

Yoshi Tatsu and Khali vs Usos. Khali came out taped up selling the beating from Miz last week. Got a pretty big pop. Usos came out, usual set up. Heels beat up little guy, little guy tags big guy. Big guy cleans house. Khali wins via his double chokeslam.

Daniel Bryan & Gail Kim vs Tyson Kid & Melina was up next. Simple match, gotta say, Tyson Kidd got a better reaction then Bryan when he came out. Kind of broke my heart. Bryan wins with Labelle Lock.