3/27 WWE Results: Indianapolis, Indiana

Wrestleview.com’s own Ryan Rivera (ROH on HDNet recapper) sent this report in:

Raw House Show
Indianapolis, IN

WWE Championship – Miz vs Randy Orton – no contest, CM Punk interferes, Raw GM changes it to a tag match for the main event – Punk and Miz vs. Cena and Orton

6 man tag – Vladimir Kozlov, Santino, & Evan Bourne vs Uso’s & Tyson Kidd
Winners – Kozlov, Santino, & Evan Bourne

Zach Ryder open challenge vs Great Khali
Winner – Great Khali (3 second match)

Primo vs Sin Cara
Winner – Sin Cara

Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison
Winner – John Morrison

Alicia Fox & Melina vs Natalia & Eve Torres
Winner – Natalia & Eve

US Championship
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Winner – Sheamus

Main Event
Cena/Orton vs Punk/Miz
Winner – Cena & Orton

Had a great time! Can’t wait for the next one!