SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for April 1

Maurice Andrews sent these results in:

WWE Smackdown for April 1, 2011:

After Raw they switched immediately to Smackdown set. Pyro included.

They dimmed the house lights because lots of fans are leaving.

Kofi vs Barrett was a no finish with The Corre, Big Show, Kane and Santino/Kozlov coming down. Faces get the upperhand to end the segment.

Lawler cuts a short promo in the ring alone saying he will shut Cole’s mouth.

Cole comes back down with security during the Rhodes vs. Masters match. Rhodes wins via Crossroads. Rey comes down and gets the upperhand against cost and stands tall.

Rey, Randy, Edge and Cena beat Punk, Del Rio, Rhodes and Miz. All faces hit their finishes on Del Rio.

Biggest pops were Punk, HBK, and The Rock. Most heat was Vickie (couldn’t even hear her) and Cena. Crowd was hot for every match.

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