Mr. Joe Walker sent this in:

A few months before he was crowned WWE Champ for the first time, superstar sports entertainer and professional wrestler John Cena and I sat down for a candid interview. He was still reigning as United States Champion, his theatrical debut The Marine was in post-production, and Cena was unsure, yet confident, in his championship future.

Undoubtedly he was ready to carry his company’s top prize with no chance of slowing his hard work ethic. This fueled not just his physical attributes, but also his rapidly growing popularity and commercial visibility. Cena was showing signs of having “it”, while the most cynical wrestling fans and critics questioned everything from his ring attire, to his freestyle rap skill, to the validity of his in-ring ability.

Taking scrutiny in stride, John Cena grew to megastar status; an admired role model, one of the new faces of the Make-A-Wish foundation, and a multi-time WWE Champion responsible for driving ticket and merchandise sales, and weekly cable ratings for USA Network where he showcases his character Monday nights on WWE Raw.

This interview lasted about two hours; we laughed a lot but also challenged each other with every word we spoke. A wide range of subjects were covered during our sit down conversation, and two successful feature articles were created from its contents.

This is the lost – and possibly the best – portion.