More details have been released regarding the sudden WWE release of David “Fit” Finlay. According to a detailed report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Finlay was fired following an incident at a WWE Raw house show on 3/25 in Champaign, Illinois.

At the beginning of the show, they played the national anthem and The Miz came out interrupting the song in the middle to get heat from the crowd. Representatives for the Army National Guard, a major company sponsor for WWE, were at the event and were “furious” about it.

The result was WWE releasing Finlay. While it isn’t know if it was Finlay’s call to do the spot, he was in charge of the show and ended up as the “fall guy.” His release was described as very shocking to many within the company since he was heavily respected backstage. One WWE source expects that once the situation blows over that he could eventually be brought back – similar to what went down with Bryan Danielson last summer.