Stratus not a fan of John Morrison and Mania note

During an appearance on the Dave LaGreca show on Sirius satellite radio, Trish Stratus was asked about John Morrison and she isn’t a fan. Stratus said that while he was a talented wrestler, she questioned his decision making and added that he wasn’t interested in discussing spots with her and blew her off/gave her the cold shoulder during the post-match celebration at Wrestlemania.

According to The Wrestling Observer, this stems from some Divas in WWE being upset that they weren’t given a spot on the card feeling Stratus and Snooki “took their spots” this year, thus more than likely explaining Morrison’s actions due to his relationship with Melina. In actuality, the originally planned multi-person women’s match was cut due to a timing issue and had nothing to do with Stratus or Snooki’s match being booked on the card.

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