WWE Tough Enough
April 12, 2011 (Episode #2)
Report by: Clinton Bowman, Wrestleview Radio Network host

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to A Very Velvet Tough Enough Recap! My name is Clinton Bowman, and I am not only a co-host of the Velvet Room on the Wrestle View Radio Network, but I am also your DJ for the WWE Tough Enough recaps here on Wrestleview.com. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the recap.

Eliminations so far:

Ariane Andrews – So Melina vs Alicia Fox was your favorite match? You made Austin say WHO. He didn’t say WHAT…he said WHO.

Tonight on Tough Enough: John Cena, Ph.D, Thugonomics makes a guest appearance!

Our Tough Enough Life Lesson: Courage.

Host: Steve Austin
Trainers: Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus, Booker T

The show begins with Eric and Michelle making their triumphant returns to the house after nearly being eliminated. Eric goes on the record saying that he thought that he was in great shape and that with the training regimen on Tough Enough, he will get into excellent shape. Daily Training is taking place when Austin kicks everyone out of the ring and gives them a pep talk on courage. Austin recalls seeing people get paralyzed in the ring as well as people dying in the ring. Austin implores everyone to embrace the risks and show courage when they step into the ring.

Bill DeMott then says that the way that you train is the way that you work in the WWE, so he tests them by having them do headlock takedowns and body slams. Needless to say, everyone didn’t do so great.

* commercial break *

Booker T was having the housemates execute basic body slams, while emphasizing the snap, the turn and the execution of the back bump. Trish is elsewhere explaining what it means to show character while executing holds and moves. Matt Cross isn’t showing proper emotion, so Trish asks him and Luke to show their stuff, and Matt Cross emphatically fails, while Luke steals the spotlight from him. Trish was blatantly disappointed, while Matt Cross said that he was more concerned with the execution of the MOVEZ~

* commercial break *

THE CHAMP IS HERE! John Cena shows up while the housemates are training. Cena entertains questions, while letting everyone know that they need not to focus on making it to the WWE, but to focus on the next day, because they are only as good as what they do day after day and night after night. Cena also says that he wants to work with Stone Cold Steve Austin and that he also had trouble with believing in his own ability when he started in sports entertainment.

Austin then has the boys and girls show off their headlock takedowns to Cena, while Rima was OBVIOUSLY starstruck with the CeNation Commander (I prefer Doc Thugs…but that’s just me.) They all did pretty good for themselves.

Jeremiah and Luke did their best Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonations while inebriated and the housemates were LOVING it. Jeremiah and Luke likened their relationship to being back at home. By the way…did I ever tell you how much I LOVE Stone Cold impersonations?

* commercial break *

Ryan is in the bedrooms writing something on a legal pad, when Mickael begins making fun of him writing a letter to his girlfriend. Ryan obviously misses his girlfriend, Tiffany, who he states that he was never separated from for more than 12 hours at a time.

Stone Cold then announces the activity that is based on tonight’s life lesson of courage. It’s an attack dog rundown. The competitors must run in padded suits while an attack dog chases them down. They must attempt to get to the checkered flag. AJ, Michelle and Ivelisse get almost instantaneously taken down, while Eric manages to make it across the flag while talking trash to the attack dog…like a BOSS, might I add. Christina and Mickael don’t make it, but Matt and Martin make it across. Andy doesn’t make it and Stone Cold was as giddy as a school girl. Jeremiah makes it, but Ryan and Rima don’t. Rima loses a chunk of her hair in the process.

Elimination is looming.

* commercial break*

Bill is counting heads, and notices that someone is missing. Rima is still in bed and arrives 20 minutes late to training. The Skills Challenge is next and is called Five For Flinching. Bill DeMott is set to do avalanche splashes in the corner and level them with five body slams. Austin stresses that technique in bumping and taking the slam is the most important in this challenge. Most noteworthy from this challenge was Christina and Rima being quite scared of the potential of getting squashed by DeMott, and AJ and Eric pressing DeMott like bosses. Austin was also quite proud of how Michelle took DeMott’s charge.

Austin applauds everyone for doing well in the skills challenge. Austin, Bill and Trish will conference in their office to determine the bottom three.

* commercial break*

Austin, Bill and Trish conference about their favorites and their not-so-favorites. Luke is favored by Trish and Bill, because of his willingness to go the extra mile, as well as showing personality. Bill says that Eric is awful at training, but Austin says that he is beginning to step up, but he still needs a little motivation. Everyone comes to consensus about Ryan being a goofball all around. Austin lauds Rima for having guts and being game, however Austin and Trish don’t think she can take the punishment, even though Trish paralleled her own career to how Rima is starting off.

Austin selects the bottom three:

Matt, Ryan and Rima.

* commercial break *

Matt, Ryan and Rima are in the spotlight as Austin interrogates them. Austin asks them what they see when they look in the mirror everyday. Rima says everyone sees Miss USA, but she wants to prove them wrong. Matt says that he sees potential. Ryan says that he sees a driven individual who aims for the stars, but Austin buys none of it. He is also disappointed that no one said that they see a WWE superstar in the mirror. Austin destroys Matt’s claims of ambition and questions if he really learned anything in his 9 years in the ring. Matt then asks to show what he can do and Austin says that it’s a little too late. Austin says what he saw from Matt, he sees from Rima. Austin then turns his attention to Rima’s lateness, as well as Ryan’s intestinal fortitude.

Matt is then eliminated from the competition, however, he acts like the victim in the whole situation, saying that he never got a chance to show what he was capable of. Austin calls him soft, and says he had the opportunity to show off his skills, but has done nothing.

Next Week on Tough Enough: The Big Show makes a appearance!

Clinton’s Thoughts:

This episode of Tough Enough was a very inspiring one. I appreciated Michelle and Eric’s determination to get out of the bottom three, but was highly disappointed in Rima’s lack of ambition. I think Rima getting in the bottom three was a warning to her, as she is VERY charismatic. Matt Cross is a very, very lazy competitor, and I know I will upset some indy fans, but this showing on Tough Enough shows nothing that I want to look forward to. I just hope that Matt has learned something from this experience, because if he hasn’t…things won’t look too good for his career in the ring.


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