Craig passed along this report:

Here’s my full experience of the show I went to last night. It was a fun show and had a good line-up, was full of star-power anyway. The event was, as usual, sold-out. Kicked off at 7:30pm and finished at 10:30pm.

So, I took my nephew, ended up getting a taxi there and pretty much went right into the queue which took an age. Eventually we got in, place was extremely busy, could’ve even get anything to eat or go to the toilet as there were massive queues for each. We got in and five minutes later the event started. Great seats again, two or so rows closer than we were last time.

After the usual voice-over, Justin Roberts came down and then we got the show started almost straight away.

Match 1
Evan Bourne vs. Alex Riley

Good reaction for Evan Bourne as expected, Alex Riley got booed heavily when he was announced by no one recognized his music, it was just a generic theme. Good opening match, crowd was really lively and behind Bourne all the way. Bourne ended up winning with the Shooting Star Press.

Match 2
Tyson Kidd vs. Percy Watson

No one recognised Tyson Kidd’s music, no one recognised Percy Watson’s. The crowd only got behind Percy whenever he clapped and when he won the match. The crowd weren’t really into it at all. Percy Watson ended up winning the match anyway.

At this point, I think, Melina was announced as the official hostess. She came out playing a babyface and then picked four of the most enthusiastic people to participate in a contest later in the night. No more details were given.

Match 3
The Usos vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov (w/Tamina)

It was a blast seeing Marella and Kozlov teaming. The Usos surprisingly got booed pretty heavily during the match. Santino was funny as always, loud ‘Santino’ chants and some people tried to start a Kozlov chant. Santino was beaten down until Kozlov got the hot tag, eventually Santino got back in and won the match with The Cobra.

Match 4
John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler

This match was a good, long match and was just fun but the crowd didn’t seem to be too involved for whatever reason. Some people were chanting ‘Ziggler’ some chanting ‘Morrison’ but the crowd as a whole never really got going but a good match which Morrison won with Starship Pain.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Brie Bella (w/Nikki) vs. Eve

The two of them worked hard and the match was good but the crowd never really got into it, but then crowds hardly ever get into a divas match. One thing was that the Bellas really play their heel characters brilliantly. Even Nikki on the outside, always doing something. Surprised there was no Twin Magic. Only time Nikki got involved was to receive a dropkick off the apron. Brie won with the Facebuster. Again, not a bad match but nothing spectacular. Glad to see Brie with the title.

Match 6
Fans Choice
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

I was surprised this was so early on in the evening, before the intermission. CM Punk got a mixed reaction, loudest of the night so far for Randy Orton. Justin Roberts announced we would pick the stipulation. He said ‘Two Out of Three Falls’ which Punk encouraged and it got booe’d and then he suggested a Street Fight which got cheered.

Good match again. Fought into the crowd for a wee bit. Few weapons were used, a Singapore Cane, steel steps (as in being thrown into them) and a steel chair which was lodged in the corner and was completed destroyed when Punk crashed into it. Randy Orton eventually won with the RKO.

Then, R-Truth came out to host the competition from earlier. Whoever won would get to go backstage and meet a WWE Superstar. So, anyway, they got the four into the ring. One was a bit on the large side, Truth said he had a ‘lot to work with’. They all were told to give their name and where they are from. Everyone was from places in Scotland, apart from the larger woman who is from London. Was booed heavily for that. Truth said ‘What, you guys don’t like London’ which was also booed.

It was announced it was gonna’ be a dance contest, was hilarious. The large one got booed right from the get-go after saying she was fromm London. The other two danced and then one of the guys did The Worm and that thing where you pull your leg behind you and put your arm behind your head. Anyway, he won easily. Some ‘We Want Wrestling’ chants from a very small section. I didn’t mind, it was entertaining.

Match 7
Sin Cara vs. Primo

Made the mistake of trying to go see if we could get something to eat at intermission. Terribly busy again, could barely move, basically walked up a wee bit and turned back and then intermission was done. We got back just as Primo had entered and Cara was entering. Nice to see Cara though.

Good match with all of Cara’s flashy offence and hurricanranas. He eventually won with some hurricanrana move. Sheamus came out and they went back and forth until Cara got the better of him. Daniel Bryan came out and the next match followed.

Bryan was accompanied by Gail. Great match that went long too, really enjoyed this one. Crowd was behind Bryan as expected. Bryan did a few dives to the outside too especially when Sheamus pursued Gail.

Sheamus won with his kick to unsurprisingly retain.

Main Event
The Miz (w/Riley) vs. John Cena

Wasn’t a spectacular match by any means but the crowd was really into it with ‘Lets go Cena, Cena Sucks’ chants. Miz took the microphone beforehand and said we weren’t ready to see the most must-see champion. He kept saying Glasgow but really emphasizing the ‘W’ when it’s a silent W.

Riley got sent to the back during the bout only for the ref to be knocked down and for him to come out and attack Cena with that silver briefcase. It was a great finish, Miz hit Cena with the Skull-Crushing Finale after the attack and I thought it was over but Cena kicked out at the last second. I knew that the title wouldn’t change hands, but the kids were going nuts when Cena hit the AA afterwards only for Riley to get Miz disqualified. All the kids thought Cena won the belt.