4/16 WWE Results: Birmingham, England

Scott sent this report in:

Santino, Kozlov, Evan Bourne beat Uso’s, Tyson Kidd

Percy Watson beat Tyson Kidd

Sin Cara beat Alex Riley

WWE Divas Title
Brie Bella beat Eve Torres

Fan’s Choice: Street Fight
Randy Orton beat CM Punk

John Morrison beat Dolph Ziggler

WWE US Title
Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan

WWE Title
John Cena beat The Miz via DQ

John Cena & Sin Cara beat Miz & Riley

My first show without HBK, missed you buddy.

Was hoping Triple H would make an appearance.

Sin Cara is a star and will be a big time player.

Orton didn’t seem intrested, neither did Morrison.

Decent show, but by standards of the past not the best at all.

Kris sent this report in:

Thought I’d send you the results of the RAW house show in Birmingham last night.

1) Evan Bourne, Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov w/ Tamina def. Tyson Kidd & The Uso’s, after Air Bourne on to an Uso.

2) “Showtime” Percy Watson def. Primo after a fallaway slam. Crowd didn’t know who Primo was for most of the match.

3) Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella def. Eve to retain the Divas Title after an X-Factor.

4) Sin Cara def. Alex Riley with a rollup counter.

5) Randy Orton def. CM Punk in a Street Fight. Fans had choice between Street Fight and a 2/3 Falls Match, Orton won with a RKO. R-Truth and Melina had a dance-off segment with members of the crowd before intermission.

6) John Morrison def. Dolph Ziggler with Starship Pain. Crowd were split between pro-Ziggler and anti-Ziggler chants.

7) Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan w/ Gail Kim to retain the US Championship after two Brogue Kicks.

8) John Cena def. The Miz by DQ in a WWE Championship match. Alex Riley was ejected from ringside early on, but returned to hit Cena with the briefcase to cause the DQ. Sin Cara ran out to make the save, causing the GM to change the match to…

9) John Cena & Sin Cara def. The Miz & Alex Riley. Cena won with the Attitude Adjustment to Riley, then Cena & Cara celebrated with fans to end the show.

Biggest pops were for Cena, Orton and Sin Cara; Punk and Miz got the biggest heat. Very good show from top to bottom.