4/17 WWE Results: Nottingham, England

Brett sent this report in:

Went to the Raw House show in Nottingham so thoughtI’d pass along some results.

The Show started 5 minutes early.

Match 1 : Santino Marella (W/Tamina) vs the Uso’s.
Was a handicap match for the most part, until Vladamir Kozlov’s music hit and he came out for the save. One cobra later, and we had winners.
Winners : Santino + Vladamir.

Match 2 : Eve Torres + Gail Kim vs The Bella Twins.
Why have they put the belt on a Bella? Good question. They had no charisma really and this match wasn’t great but Eve was the best one in it.
Winners by sunset flip : Eve + Gail Kim

Match 3 : Primo vs Percy Watson.
Don’t think anyone really knew who Percy was, but he was quite athletic. Promo had trunks on instead of tights and cut a heel promo before the match.
Winner : Percy Watson

Match 4 : Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne
Best match of the night so far, quick and efficient. Evan looked great but ultimately missed Air Bourne which led to Dolph picking up the win.
Winner : Dolph Ziggler

Match 5 : CM Punk vs Randy Orton.
Punk played the perfect heel all the way – taking his time to come to the ring and just being very deliberate. I’d say this was better than their wrestlemania match.
Winner via Jumping RKO : Randy Orton

Then out came R-Truth and Melina. Truth picked people out of the crowd and one of them was going to get to go backstage and meet people. They picked people who were seemingly all from Essex (Nowhere near Nottingham) so it fell flat on it’s face and everyone got boo’d. They did a dance off which wasn’t warmly received until the final kid danced and really, really surprised Truth who joined in with him and it got the biggest pop of the night so far…


Match 6 : John Morrison vs Sheamus (US Title Match)
Sheamus ripped on the UK before the match, saying we all wanted to be Americans deep down and he was insulted we’d boo the champion of the USA. Morrison misses Starship pain and gets shoulder tackled and Broughe Kicked into defeat.
Winner : Sheamus

Match 7 : Tyson Kidd vs Sin Cara.
Kidd ripped on the UK saying he deserves respect and didn’t care that his opponent was touted as the next big thing…Sin Cara took quite a bit of heat and offence from Kidd, but ultimately outshone him by quite a way.
Winner by Jumping C4 from the top rope : Sin Cara.

Before he could celebrate, he was cut off by The Miz and Alex Riley, who not so politely told him to leave, and then cut a promo on John Cena, which led to…

Main event : John Cena vs The Miz (WWE Title match)
MUCH better than their Wrestlemania match. It went longer, featured A-Ri getting ejected from ringside, and loads of big moves and near falls. Towards the end, Riley came back out, caused a DQ by hitting Cena with a briefcase, only for Sin Cara to come back and make the save and send everyone home more than happy. Cena and Cara did numerous moves to Riley before posing and leaving.

Anyone who says Cena doesn’t go down well should’ve been there tonight because there were thousands of people of all ages with his merch on and he was the most over guy on the show by a far distance.

Good show – Raw returns there on November 9th 🙂

My pics from the show are here if anyone wants to take a look :