Chris Yandek sent this in:

With Edge’s announcement of his recent retirement, is releasing a long lost interview with Edge from 2004. In the interview, Edge shared stories about Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart’s influence on getting him into WWE and Vince McMahon to name a few.

Edge notes that his mother was always very supportive of his professional wrestling dreams and one of the reasons why he got to where he is now today.

“When I was 17, and beginning my training, and in my last year of high school and actually beginning to do this, she was always just my number one fan and totally supportive even through the thick and the thin and the days of making no money and there were a lot of those. Through all those times, she was always really supportive, never once doubted me, saw the compassion and the passion for the business and that I was never gonna stop until I did get to where I wanted to get to. So she never doubted that. If she had of, that would’ve been a big stumbling block for me.”

With Hulk Hogan’s somewhat criticial comments towards Edge about retiring through Twitter this past week, going back to 2004, Edge reflects on how special it was for him to win the tag team titles with Hogan.

“It was definitely something that I never thought would happen. When I was a kid of course dreams would happen, but I never thought that him and I would be peers at the same time in the same company, doing the same thing at the same level where an Edge and Hulk Hogan tag team could happen. Never thought it would happen, never. When it did it was one of those total goose bumps, huge cheesy smile on my face, but everything you saw was completely legitimate. That was the way I felt. The way I looked is the way I felt. It definitely goes down as one of the milestone moments in my career.”

You can read and listen to the entire interview from 2004 that looks back at many topics before Edge ended up on top as WWE Champion: