The following was taped earlier today in London, England:

WWE Monday Night Raw (April 18, 2011):

-Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Michael Cole are on commentary

-R-Truth came out to start the show and got booed but the crowd eventually warmed up to him. R-Truth said he would win at Extreme Rules and be a fighting champion. John Morrison came out and said he just got lucky last week because the new Nexus and Alex Riley helped out. Morrison called R-Truth out for being a smoker and R-Truth came back saying Morrison was just trying to take his opportunity away. Morrison challenges him to a match because it may be his last time before the draft.

-John Morrison def. R-Truth. R-Truth attacked Morrison after the match and got big heat from the crowd. R-Truth then took a cigarette from a fan and started smoking.

-Dolph Ziggler def. Evan Bourne

-A tribute video for Edge airs. Alberto Del Rio will have a retirement party for Edge on Smackdown.

-The Miz cuts a promo in the ring. Miz says that John Morrison will replace R-Truth in the triple threat match for the WWE Championship. Miz also says it will be fought inside a cage. Sin Cara comes out to interrupt The Miz and he’s followed by John Cena. The Raw GM makes it a tag team match.

-John Cena & Sin Cara def. The Miz & Alex Riley

-Eve Torres def. Nikki Bella. Eve will get a rematch for the title next week against Brie if she is still on the roster.

-Michael Cole gets knighted alongside Jack Swagger by the fake Queen of England. He is now “Sir” Michael Cole. Cole wanted Lawler and JR to kiss his feet. Lawler tried to attack but Swagger took him out. JR was then forced by Swagger to kiss Cole’s feet.

-Sheamus def. Santino Marella

-Randy Orton def. CM Punk. After the match the New Nexus attacked Orton. Punk went for a punt kick but Orton hit an RKO and ran away.

Dark Match Main Event: John Cena & Randy Orton def. The Miz & CM Punk