WWE Tough Enough
April 18, 2011 (Episode #2)
Report by: Clinton Bowman, Wrestleview Radio Network host

Today’s Life Lesson: Technique

Today’s Guests: Paul “Big Show” Wight and Stacy Keibler

Eliminated so far:

* Ariane Andrews: So Melina vs Alicia Fox was your favorite match? You made Austin say WHO. He didn’t say WHAT…he said WHO.

* Matt Cappiccioni: Not only did he NOT step up, how in God’s name do you, with the opportunity to step up and show yourself approval, ask Steve Austin for permission to speak? And on top of that, Trish Stratus asks you to show your stuff…and a ROOKIE outshines a 9 year veteran? That’s bull.


Rima and Ryan return to the house, much of the dismay of Mickael, who was extremely upset about Matt being eliminated instead of Ryan.

Bill DeMott barges in, waking everyone up in a rude manner. The competitors are prepping to go on a morning run to test their endurance and their lung capacity. Michelle was destroyed midway through, as was Eric. While Rima beat out all but 4 of the guys and all of the women with a 28 minute time, and Luke clocks in a 19 minute time, Eric ends up DEAD LAST, clocking in at 42 minutes.

/commercial break/

We return to the show, with daily training in progress, when Steve begins running the ropes and taking bumps. Austin emphasizes today’s life lesson of technique. The housemates are then told they would be working on their techniques by attempting holds, takedowns and reversals, where everything from execution of the move, and execution of the bumps would be taken into consideration. Michelle’s mind is obviously out of the game, and Trish is notably worried as Michelle forgets basic maneuvers. DeMott is also upset about Mickael’s lack of technique in the ring.

Big Show makes his way into the house and is immediately drawn to Eric, however, Eric’s conditioning, or lack thereof , betrays him, and Show turns his attention to him. Show provides a lecture on how to control your fatigue, because that is an Achilles’ heel. Later on, Austin and Luke lock it up in the ring, with Luke taking it to Austin from time to time. Everyone is impressed, with the exception of Martin.

Back in the house, Michelle calls back home. Her daughter isn’t in, and she breaks down. The level of self doubt arises within her.

/commercial break/

The housemates are training when Austin begins lecturing them on their life lesson. Michelle interrupts and reveals that her head isn’t completely in the game, and that she wants to be a mom instead of a WWE Diva. Austin sends everyone outside, has a quick conversation with Michelle and agrees that this was an admirable decision to leave Tough Enough.

Michelle Deighton has left the competition.

Outside, Trish lectures them on the importance of technique, when she introduces the housemates’ trainer for this week’s life lesson, Cheer San Francisco. Jeremiah and Mickael weren’t too happy about the idea of having to perform cheerleader’s moves. While the housemates are training, Trish walks in with Stacy Keibler, prompting Jeremiah to go nuts. Stacy reiterates the importance of proper technique with the kids, and she views their training. Everyone was doing fine except Rima, who had a little bit of an issue with falling. Stacy spoke to her about her trust issues, and taught techniques as to how to get over it, and Rima started doing a better job.

The “Tough Enough Cheerleading Squad” had to perform their manuever for a crowd later on, and they all did well, apart from Rima’s group, which Bill DeMott showed some obvious dismay when Rima slipped and fell.

/commercial break/

It’s time for the Skills Challenge! Our game this week is called “Chain of Command.” 2 competitors would begin in the ring, and perform several maneuvers in the ring in a specific order. The trainers would be looking for proper execution of the moves as well as proper bumping, and proper technique overall. Luke and Mickael were first. Mickael, as he has done all the time, was under performing, and Booker was upset with that. Along with Rima, he was eliminated first, followed by Luke, Christina, Ryan, Andy, AJ, Jeremiah and Ivelisse. Eric and Martin were the only two left, and everything was going good, until Eric got winded, and Austin had to stop the competition. Martin was your winner of the skills challenge.

Your bottom three will be selected NEXT.

/commercial break/

The trainers are very proud of Martin stepping out this week and showing that he belongs. They also believe that Rima really dropped the ball this week during the cheerleading competition. Austin then brings up Mickael, and everyone paused for 10 seconds, with Trish finally saying: WHO? DeMott and Trish mention how he’s done nothing, as well as how Ryan is making a mockery of this competition. Austin praises Eric’s improvement, while Trish admires his train-ability and his ambition.

Your Bottom Three Are:

Ryan, Rima and Mickael.

Rima is visibly upset about being in the bottom three, mulling over the fact that she knows that her technique isn’t down, and that she purposely asked for extra help to remedy this. Ryan realizes that he needs to stop being a pushover, while Mickael decides to play moving man and move Matt’s bed.

/commercial break/

Rima, Ryan and Mickael are in the ring, with Austin playing up the fact that Rima and Ryan are in the bottom three for the second week in a row. Austin interrogates Mickael and asks why he is here. Mickael says that since he has nothing, he needs to be here, essentially labeling himself as a free loader. Austin also says that he hasn’t been feeling anything Ryan has been doing, and Ryan responds by saying that he has had enough of everyone pushing him around. Mickael and Ryan basically go at it for the whole segment, while Austin lets Rima know that she’s safe, but she will be getting the one-on-one help that she has asked for.

Austin then has Mickael and Ryan cut promos against each other. Mickael plays up the fact that he needs this, and that he’s been where there is nothing, and he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Ryan counters his promo and calls out everyone who treated him like trash, and how he’s not going to let anyone get in his way. Needless to say…Mickael Zaki got sent packing.

NEXT WEEK ON TOUGH ENOUGH: Bret Hart makes a guest appearance! And will Bill DeMott’s private sessions make Rima break?

Clinton’s Thoughts

Kudos to Michelle for taking the high road and leaving when she did. That was classy, and if you hate on it, you really don’t understand the concept of family.

Martin and Eric really did step up A LOT, but my major problem with Eric is that he really needs to get in line with his conditioning. He can’t keep getting winded like this or he will be out.

Mickael deserved this elimination. Instead of focusing on himself, he focused on Ryan not being eliminated and finding ways to get rid of Ryan, that he essentially messed himself up. This is a life lesson, friends. Worry about you, don’t worry about another man.

Rima and Ryan got LUCKY. They have two strikes against them, and they really need to make the best of this opportunity, or they’re gone faster than R-Truth’s WWE Championship shot.

Needless to say, this episode of Tough Enough was pretty decent. It’s a reality show, so what you see is what you get, but that’s not to say that the show wasn’t good.

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