The following was taped on Tuesday, April 19 in London, England:

WWE Smackdown for April 22:

-Booker T, Josh Mathews, and Michael Cole, dressed in “regal” attire, are on commentary.

-Cody Rhodes is out first. He has a trolley with him and is escorted by men in suits. Rhodes talks about Mysterio wearing a mask and then has his assistants hand out brown paper bag masks to the crowd at ringside.

-Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes. Rhodes attacks Mysterio after the match and they fight through the crowd. Rhodes gives him the Cross Rhodes on the outside and puts a brown paper bag mask over Mysterio’s face.

-The Corre argues backstage and Lay-Cool are featured in another couple’s therapy session not getting along.

-Jack Swagger def. Trent Barreta. Michael Cole introduced Swagger before the match.

-Big Show & Kane def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. After the match, Heath Slater slapped Justin Gabriel in the face backstage.

-Drew McIntyre def. Chris Masters

-Wade Barrett def. Kofi Kingston to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

-Alberto Del Rio threw a “retirement party” for Edge to close the show. He has a grandfather clock, adult diapers, a walker, and a power scooter as “gifts”. They had “Lita” out to the ring but it was really just an overweight lady.

Del Rio says he’ll be the new champion at Extreme Rules. Edge comes out to crash the party. Del Rio sends Brodus Clay after him so Christian makes the save with the ladder. Christian takes Del Rio out, sets the ladder up in the ring, and grabs the belt to close the show.