4/21 WWE Results: Strasbourg, France

Dimby R sent this report in:

I was at yesterday’s WWE Smackdown show at the Zenith of Strasbourg, France and let me send you a report.

Approximately, 4000 fans. The arena was sold out. Fans very hot during all the show.

Tony Chimmel welcomed us.

Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Title
Kofi Kingston won after eliminating Jack Swagger. Other participants included Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, Trent Barretta, Chris Masters, Drew McIntyre, Chavo Guerrero, Tyler Reks, JTG. Kofi was super over with fans.

Divas Tag Team Match
Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix def Layla & Rosa Mendes when Beth hit the Glamaslam on Layla.

This was surprisingly not so bad with great comedy stuff by Layla.

Singles Match
Jack Swagger def Chris Masters via Ankle Lock submission. Very decent action.

Tag Team Match for the Unified Tag Team Title
Big Show & Kane (c) def Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel following a double chokeslam from the champions. Very good work from the Corre. This two men, despite their lack of experience, manage very well to work with such big guys. Show & Kane were very over.

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Title
Wade Barrett (c) def Kofi Kingston with the Wasteland and following a ref distraction from Ezekiel Jackson. Very good match here and great heel work from Barrett. At one point, he took the mic’ and tried to speak French wich was hilarious. I am a big fan of him. Fans were 100% behind Kofi.

Cody Rhodes came to the ring, telling how ugly people in Strasbourg were and proposing them to put brown paper bags over their heads! Great stuff!

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio def Cody Rhodes after a 619 and a splash. People were a little bit tired during this match but it was still a good one.

Edge came to the ring for the pop of the night. He said few words in French. Such a great satisfaction to see him! Edge explained us why he was retiring before being interrupted by Alberto Del Rio who wanted Edge to tell the truth : Edge has to retire because of him! Edge said he was the GM of the night and made a Strasbourg Street Fight between Del Rio and Christian.

Strasbourg Street Fight
Christian def Alberto Del Rio. Good action involving a chair and a kendo stick. Good work from both men. At the end, Brodus Clay ran in before being bashed by a Kendo Stick from Edge. Edge took the mic and warmed the fans with the Spear chant, which led to Christian hitting the Spear on Del Rio for the victory.

After the match, Edge did an emotional speech. He said French fans are special for him and were always behind him even when he was a heel and used to beat up John Cena. Locker room emptied as a lot of wrestlers came to the ring to celebrate with Edge. Lots of chants including “Thank you Edge”, “We love you”, “Hall of Fame”. Edge took long time to thank the fans. Great moment.

Thank you Edge. Thank you for the memories.