Interviews with Lucky Cannon and Percy Watson

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald is featuring a joint interview with WWE NXT stars Lucky Cannon and Percy Watson.

Lucky Cannon on the pressures of appearing on NXT:

“The crowds aren’t what get me. Maybe it does for some people. For me, it’s more of the pressure of being on the big stage with Vince McMahon and all the brass watching you. They are right there watching. That will get to your nerves more than the crowd will. My first pro, Mark Henry, did help me out a lot. He told me a number of good things. This time around it’s Tyson Kidd. He is more my associate, not mentor.”

Percy Watson on his time with NXT:

“NXT was a little more nerve wracking than FCW because you are on TV in front of a nationwide audience. It was fun nonetheless. You still want to perform your best, no matter if you are on FCW or on WWE television. It has been great working with the guys. It’s a grand learning experience to say the least. I’m learning everyday and putting the pieces together.”

Full article:
WWE NXT rookie Cannon lucky to be alive; Watson wants time to show, place, win

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