4/23 WWE Results: Doha, Qatar

Rory Shazbut Barnes sent this report in:

Results for the RAW event in Doha, Qatar on Saturday 23rd April

John Morrison def. Ziggler after the Starship Pain. Crowd were into it a bit, a lot of cheers for Morrison, especially in his entrance, as he came out wearing the shirt of the home club at the stadium. For me it was the best match of the night.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov def. The Usos after Marella used the Cobra. Everyone shouted COBRAAAAAA with Santino, which was good.

Mark Henry def. Ted DiBiase Jr. because DiBiase didn’t want to wrestle. A lot of chasing around the ring, followed by the only move in the match, the Worlds Strongest Slam. Crowed loved it. I thought it was boring. Henry played to the crowd a lot though.

I can’t remember if this match was now or after intermission, but Evan Bourne def. William Regal with the Shooting Star. Pretty back and forth match. Quite quiet for Bourne, but lots of boos for Regal, biggest heat of the night. Great match.

Randy Orton def. CM Punk with the RKO. Huge pop for Orton, but still a lot of people cheering for Punk. Good match.

Then there was an intermission. People were told to stay in their seats when people were standing on them etc. Also a lot of advertising for The Chaperone, coming to DVD blah blah blah…

After the intermission, Sin Cara def. Primo after that thing he does, I don’t know what he calls it, the flip from the top rope with Primo. Solid, great match, the fans were really into it.

Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan in a title match, crowd were pretty split for this match, the finish being Bryan trying a dive from the top rope before just eating up a kick to the face.

Then the announcer mentioned how they were returning in the near future (i.e. November) so that should be good.

The Miz came out, cut a promo, a LOT of heat for his promo, and a lot of Cena chants, followed by the biggest pop I’ve heard since Qatar won the 2022 bid when Cena came out. Cena def. Miz via DQ in a title match, thanks to Alex Riley and the briefcase. A very solid match, lots of back and forth, STFU’s etc.

Afterwards A-Ri held Cena, with Miz gearing up to whack Cena in the face with the briefcase, then Cena ducked, Attitude Adjustment on Miz. After that, Cena’s music hit, and suddenly the ring was filled with kids throwing Cena hats, armbands, etc. and one guy threw in an Arab Headdress, which Cena proceeded to put on, which got a pretty good pop. Went around for photos etc. to end the show.

All in all it was a great experience, my first WWE event, didn’t buy any t-shirts, though. Quite a lot of people in the wrong seat, moving, standing on chairs, etc. and the front row had a lot of gaps, but nobody was allowed to fill them, which was irritating considering how they sold out the front row in like 5 minutes. But the matches were good, the largest pop of the night was Cena’s Entrance, followed by Orton’s. Biggest heat was Regal, and then The Miz. But overall definitely enjoyed the show, and was worth the money and the wait! (also, I’m assuming that the results for the Friday event are going to be exactly the same)