The following was taped on Tuesday, April 26 in Greensboro, NC:

Dark Match:

-Johnny Curtis def. Alex Riley. Riley cut a promo before the match saying since he’s on Smackdown he doesn’t need The Miz anymore.

WWE NXT for tonight (April 26):

-Jacob Novak won a “How Well Do You Know Your Pro” contest

-Titus O’Neil def. Darren Young

-Jacob Novak called out William Regal. Regal challenged him to a match but Novak declined. They will have a match next week.

-Jacob Novak & JTG def. Conor O’Brien & Vladimir Kozlov

-Backstage, Maryse finds her purse destroyed. She tells Yoshi Tatsu that Lucky Cannon did it. Byron Saxton tells Yoshi that he needs to do a better job at being his pro.

-Lucky Cannon def. Byron Saxton via DQ

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