The following was taped on Tuesday, April 26 in Greensboro, NC:

WWE Smackdown for April 29:

-Randy Orton is out first to introduce himself to the Smackdown audience. Drew McIntyre interrupted him and goes for the Future Shock DDT but Orton counters into an RKO. Alex Riley interrupts but gets RKO’d before he can say a word. Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay come out after. Del Rio says he will take the World Heavyweight Championship to Raw. They get in the ring and square off with Orton so Christian runs down. Teddy Long comes out and announces a tag team match for the main event.

-Kofi Kingston comes out but Sheamus attacks him during his entrance. Kingston is carried out of the arena.

-Michael Cole cuts a promo in the ring and brings out Jack Swagger. Cole mocks Jim Ross with a pig call.

-Sin Cara def. Jack Swagger. Cole slid Swagger a weapon but he never got to use it.

-Backstage Rey Mysterio is wished luck on Raw by Great Khali and Ranjin Singh. Mysterio leaves and a large, Indian wrestler approaches Khali. Khali looks impressed to see him and they speak in their native tongue.

-Rey Mysterio cuts a promo in the ring talking about how hard it is to leave Smackdown. Mysterio promises to beat Cody Rhodes at Extreme Rules.

-Rey Mysterio def. Mark Henry via DQ when Cody Rhodes attacked him from in the crowd. Henry laughs and leaves as Rhodes puts a paper bag over Mysterio’s head.

-Big Show & Kane def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

-Michelle McCool and Layla fight to a Double Count-Out. They have a pull apart brawl. Layla challenges her to a No Count-Out, No Disqualification match at Extreme Rules. McCool accepts and throws in a “Loser Leaves Smackdown” stipulation.

-Christian cuts a promo backstage about how it’s his destiny to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

-Randy Orton & Christian def. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay