Miss USA Rima Fakih told BuzzFocus.com that she was eliminated from “Tough Enough” after fracturing three of her ribs during practice.

“Well, I was training with Bill one-on-one when I was already injured for about a week. And then he sat on me, on the side with the fractured ribs, and I screamed out loudly. He picks me up and is like “Rima, I’m a father with two daughters. I know when they’re in pain so tell me what’s going on.” So I tell him how I fractured my ribs. I tell him that I was in the ring with Michelle, who claimed to have some wrestling experience but it turned out that she didn’t. And it’s dangerous to be in the ring with someone who doesn’t have any experience. So she kept falling on top of me, and falling, and couldn’t roll back properly and cracked my ribs.”

They asked Fakih if she’ll continue to pursue a career in professional wrestling and she mentioned that she is very busy and plans to pursue a career in acting. The rigors of being a wrestling Miss USA and other stereotypes are discussed as well.

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