“Well, well, well. A little profanity with the Insanity. I like it.” – Joel Gertner

He’s a poet. You know it. And all the girls want to…hear his uncut shoot interview as “The Quintessential Studmuffin” Joel Gertner joins the Insanity to talk about all things Gertner!

The Mother Goose of the fast and loose, Joel Gertner is one of the most recognizable stars associated with the original ECW. His appeal has only grown since his time away as there was no one like Joel before him and there hasn’t been one since. From MXW Pro Wrestling from Cyrus to TV Guide all the way to his family’s thoughts on his shocking promos, Now one week after we welcomed back Jesse Ventura, Gertner joins us for an all new 36 minute interview on Forget the rest. When Joel Gertner shoots, it’s not in your face?it’s all over it.

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Joel Gertner is one of the most unique characters in wrestling history. As James Guttman mentions, the ECW Original had a knack for playing the heel you loved to hear make X-rated poems about all the women in the local town?until he took it one step too far. It always left people who started off laughing shocked. This cutting edge style lead to some rough moments in Joel’s career, which he discussed on, including the infamous post-death JFK Jr. promo that MSG network refused to air, the reaction from it, being jeered by TV guide for it, and more. It’s promos like that which made James ask Joel about his family. Have they seen his act? If so?what do they think? Joel talks about the changing opinion his parents have had and the one show he brought them to on Long Island. Then, he mentions the person who surprisingly might just be his biggest fan?

“The person who’s got more ECW tapes than even me probably is my grandmother. Because when I was on the road and living away – not far away – she was in New York and I was in Connecticut and she didn’t get to see me much. So really the only way she could see me most times would be to put on TNN and watch the show. And as long as she was watching it, for prosperity, she would record it. So many of those tapes are still there in her place today. ”

James Guttman and Joel discussed his ECW days at length including his early days with The Dudley Boys and the near-riots they almost caused. Gertner discusses everything from the day that Paul Heyman got upset with him to Vince McMahon’s ECW and his thoughts on NXT in his shoot. Guttman also brought up Joel’s brief but memorable run as a babyface towards the end of Extreme Championship Wrestling. He was the perfect foil for Cyrus, the TNN executive, and the pops Gertner got from the crowd were nothing short of amazing. The Quintessential Studmuffin looks back on that time period ffondly and wishes it could have lasted longer.

“It was just that the fans put me in that direction (of being a good guy) and you can’t ever go against the fans. And wrestling companies, even those that are successful, they think they can dictate to the fans what they want to see. And even those who say that out loud realize that’s not the case. At the end of the day, the fans are the final arbiter. They’re gonna let you know what they want to see and if you give them something they don’t want to see, they’re gonna let you know that too?It’s just a shame that the babyface run was a little bit short because ECW was coming to an end. It was great to be a babyface and work with Joey (Styles) as a babyface, do my stuff against the Network, and do the stuff in the ring against Cyrus. That was all great. But a part of me wishes that it could have went from there where I became a babfyace manager and I was going to manage Christian York and Joey Matthews and try to take them to the tag team titles.
I kind of wish there was more time to play that out. But things are as they are and every day I was with ECW, I take as a blessing. They were some of the best days of my life.”

For those who never experienced Joel’s take on wrestling, fear not. The Sexual Intellectual is back in full swing with MXW Pro Wrestling ( Joel is ready to relaunch the brand and the fans are lining up to check out their big return.

“MXW Pro Wrestling. That’s a project I was involved with in the middle part of the decade from about 2004 – 2006 and then we went on hiatus for about 3 1/2 years and we are back with a vengeance. And we have a show set for Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut (on May 16) and I would definitely suggest, recommend, and implore any serious wrestling fans from the New York metro area, from the New England area, from all points – seriously, if you’re within 250 miles of the show, there’s no reason for you not to be there. It’s going to be an unbelievable atmosphere in a legendary rock-n-roll concert venue that has hosted The Rolling Stones, U2, Tribe Called Quest, Billy Idol, and Megadeath and now it’s going to host MXW and our 16 man tournament which is going to be the focus of the upcoming show “Come What May.”

The show is just one of many and a taste of the variety that Gertner is planning for MXW. Head over to now to hear the entire explosive shoot talking about everyone from Vince McMahon to Jake Roberts with the man who churned out the porno promos weekly and gave new meaning to EXTREME!

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