5/8 WWE Results: Greenville, South Carolina

Shin-Sensei and MillerC0079 passed along this report:

Report from the 05/08/11 Greenville, SC Raw House Show from Shin-Sensei and MillerC0079 (who actually physically took these notes):

1. Evan Bourne defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall after a Shooting Star Press. Crowd was very quiet for this match. Little to no reaction for either superstar during the match.

R-Truth ran out after the match and attacked Bourne. Mysterio runs out for the save. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat came out and set up a match between Mysterio and Truth for later on.

2. Mason Ryan defeats Primo via Pinfall with his Swinging Side-Slam finisher. Ryan seems much bigger in person.

3. Jack Swagger defeated Percy Watson via Submission with an ankle lock. Pretty good work from Jackson here, though there was very little crowd recognition of his character.

4. Zac Ryder vs Chris Masters ends with Masters winning via Masterlock Submission/Referee stoppage. Good comedy match, crowd seemed pleased. Pretty big pop for Masters.

5. Kofi Kingston and the Big Show defeated CM Punk and Alberto del Rio via Pinfall w/ a Choke-Slam. Very good heel work from Punk and Del Rio. Crowd really brought the hate for these guys.

6. Brie Bella defeated Eve Torres for the Diva’s Championship Sit-out Facebuster.

Kharma came out after the match and hits Eve with the Implant buster. Eve sold it like death. Very convincing sell. A surprisingly big pop for Kharma.

7. Rey Mysterio defeated R-Truth via Pinfall after a Frog Splash. Fairly probable this was not the planned ending as during this match, the second rope completely broke from one corner and Mysterio flat-backed onto the ground during an apparent attempt at a 619. This looked pretty nasty, but Mysterio appeared to be fine and continued the match with little interruption. Ring Crew was super fast and fixed the ropes quickly.

8. John Cena defeated the Miz via Pinfall (Attitude Adjustment) to retain the WWE Championship. Miz with an excellent promo before the match saying only his mother should have a happy Mothers Day. After the match, John Cena told the crowd that Miz’s mother really only had one wish for Mother’s Day: for Miz to shut up for once. Mission accomplished. He then wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day. As always, Cena very over with kids. Half-half reaction from adults. Miz is definitely main event talent now.

That’s all from Greenville, SC. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!