from Andrew Kristianto, courtesy of GERWECK.NET:


– 5 SD MITB participants def. 5 Raw MITB participants.
Christian was in control and was hitting the Killswitch to Dolph, Drew made a blind tag, and connected with his DDT.

– Drew McIntyre was trying to climb a ladder and retrieved the MITB briefcase. All 9 others saw it and they dropped McIntyre.

– Vickie Guerrero def. Beth Phoenix
Vickie changed the match to 5 on 1 Handicap Match, featuring all the heel divas from Raw (LayCool, Maryse, Alicia, and herself). After match, some more beat down to Beth, and Vickie is teasing a Frog Splash, then face divas came for the save. Beth then stripped Vickie (literally!)

– Jericho cut promo, saying he’s better than Edge. Edge should not blame himself for being a loser, but blame his DNA. He can blame his grandparents, etc etc. Then Edge comes out to beat Jericho, and Jericho retreated to the back.

– Big Show w/ The Miz def. R-Truth w/ JoMo
The Miz tried to interfere, but R-Truth knocked him out of the ring, then JoMo came in and double teamed Show. Axe Kick followed by the kick from JoMo to Big Show. Miz got the Lie Detector and Starship Pain.


The only merchandise they are selling are: DX Army, orange Cena shirt, Edge’s shirt, HBK’s shirt, HHH new grey shirt, Rey Mysterio’s, Bret Hart shirt, and I think another unreleased Bret Hart shirt.

I think the arena was like 3/4 full.

They taped NXT first, then Raw, then Superstars, then Smackdown.

Crowd was kind of burned out by the time they are doing Smackdown taping.

Notice that when Shawn Michaels cut promo on Raw, the ring ropes are still white, then during commercials four or five referees and ring crew changes the rope to red.

The Undertaker was hiding under the ring. He was escorted by many staffs using black shirts, and Undertaker was among them while the arena was dark and everyone (but me) was paying attention to the HD-tron.