5/15 WWE Results: Austin, Texas

Trey passed along this report:

Special Guest host Dusty Rhodes was introduced by Tony Chimmel

Attendance of about 7,000

Don’t question your heart cuz here are they ATX results:

1st match was an over the top rope battle royal with Ezekiel Jackson winning it. Dusty came out to give him his reward which would be an Intercontinental title shot later in the show against Wade Barrett.

2nd match was a special divas tag team match pitting Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox vs Natalya & NXT rookie AJ. Natalya and AJ picked up the win via Natayla’s sharpshooter.

3rd match Tyson Kidd took on Daniel Bryan. Very good high-flying match in my opinion. Bryan wins via Lebell Lock

4th match saw a Wrestlemania 27 rematch Cody Rhodes took on Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio. Very technical and high-flying match here. Mysterio picks up the win via 619.

Intermission was a 3 way dance off with selected audienced members. A young little boy won it with his prize being a chance to dance with Austin’s own hockey team the Texas Stars dancers and getting the opportunity to go backstage to meet the stars of Smackdown.

5th Match was Wade Barrett defending his Intercontinental championship against his former Corre ally Ezekiel Jackson. Good match here but resulted in a DQ with the Corre’s interference resulting in Ezekiel winning due to that.

Early in the show there was a confrontation between Heath Slater/Justin Gabriel and Kane/Khali which led Dusty announcing they would square off.

6th match Corre took on Khali and Kane. Good match here. Khali nearly had his right foot injured. Wade Barrett came out with a chair which caused Kane & Khali to win via DQ.

Main Event was a triple threat WWE world title match Randy Orton defending against Christian and Sheamus. Very awesome match. Christian nearly got the pinfall via Killswitch but Randy Orton countered it into the RKO for the pinfall and retain his title.

Very good Smackdown house show, was told WWE should be back in the near future.

Just a little side note, if you see Sign Guy Rick Achberger, please don’t be shy to ask him for an autograph or photo opt, he will do it if asked nicely.