Notes from WWE’s “All Hands On Deck” meeting held on Thursday

According to PWInsider, WWE held an “all hands on deck” meeting with staff on Thursday.

The report notes that in regard to Stephanie McMahon, it was stated that she “needed time” after everything her family has been through over the last year with her husband Paul Levesque, pertaining to his health.

It was also said the company will hire help to fill her roles, but it will not happen for a few more weeks.

WWE President Nick Khan, when discussing the WWE Network, said that the company is working on the signing of more international partners.

The new Chief of Human Resources, Suzette Ramirez-Carr was officially introduced. She spent time with staff sharing her goals and background.

Furthermore, it was said that the company is still working on the new headquarters office in Stamford, and they will be transitioning to that location over time. No specific time was given.