Mark sent this live report in:

I was at the live show (on Sunday). I was disappointed that I did not see:
-a ‘619’ during Rey’s match
-a ‘450 Splash’ when the Corre came out to attach Ezekiel
-Kharma – she could have come out after the Kelly Kelly match or after the Michael Cole match. In fact, I heard several yell for her, when Cole was laying on the mat, at the end. That would have been so good!

-Sin Cara did not do his great finishing move from the top turnbuckle. I cannot figure out why they didn’t do that. Maybe Chavo was hurt and couldn’t?

-no Cody Rhodes coming out with paper bag

Best match – Orton v Christian. By far, a great match. Many near falls (lots of chants, “This is Awesome”) and Christian channeling his best friend, Edge (for a spear attempt), Randy almost getting in the punt, Christian faking the move off the turnbuckle (the one that lost him the title on Raw), Christian shoving Randy afterwards and then the handshake. A Five Star Classic.

Worst finish – it was a toss up between Chavo’s match and Cena’s. I was telling my friend about the Mick Foley “I Quit” match, and using the recording, and what do you know, they did it last night, too. Not very original. But I enjoyed Miz on the mic, trying to get the young boy in the audience to tell Cena to quit. In the Chavo match, Sin Cara horribly missed his final Hurricanrana and Chavo played along like he hit it. Very poor execution. They should have been better than that.

And where was Shamus, Khali, Swagger, Kofi, Mark Henry? And why didn’t Alberto Del Rio have a match?

Other thoughts:

We loved seeing Bret Hart and Good ‘Ol JR.

R-Truth hasn’t really captured the heel character, for me, yet. It is a dumb story line.

The Bella’s switching in and out with each other is still pretty cool to watch.

Punk is going nowhere.

I thought we weren’t going to have these Corre-run-in-cop-out-finishes at a PPV…?! And Zeke cannot wrestle, at all.
Cena can never lose an “I Quit” match because his t-shirt motto is “Never Give Up”. That was too obvious. They should have had some other kind of match…steel cage, 2 out 3, anything but an I Quit. Come on WWE, what is your thinking? Were all the creators on vacation when this was dreamed up?

Finally, the big slaps by Show on Punk were great! And Kane, on the mic, telling Alberto Del Rio that he was already angry because The Rapture didn’t happen, was perfect.