Cody Rhodes: “They Can Fine Me $1,000 Every Time I Say Belts – I’m fine with that”

During this past Thursday’s Mattel and WWE Elite Squad Fan Panel at the San Diego Comic Con, new action figures and titles were revealed. Speaker Sam Roberts referred to the title belts as “new championships.”

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes then spoke up and told Roberts, “You can say belts.” Roberts then said Cody can say “belts,” but that others might get in trouble.

Cody then further said, “They can fine me $1,000 every time I say belts. I’m fine with that. If they give me a title belt, sure it’s a championship, but it also physically goes around your waist. Those are great belts.”

Vince McMahon often had said that for branding in the WWE is saying things like “sports entertainment” instead of “pro wrestling,” “superstar” instead of “wrestler,” and using the term “championship” instead of “belt.”

Cody Rhodes is currently out of action as he is healing from his recent surgery for a torn pectoral.

Transcript source: Fightful