Alex Riley on The Miz helping his career in WWE

The Carroll County Times is featuring an article on WWE star Alex Riley talking about his match with The Miz this Sunday at the Capitol Punishment PPV and if he was surprised by the reactions he has been getting from the WWE audience.

“I didn’t really expect the reaction. I know a lot of people don’t like [The Miz] and wanted to see him take a beating. But, no, I didn’t know how they’d feel about me.”

Riley also discussed the opportunity he was given to be on television with The Miz.

“The opportunity to be with The Miz, when he said ‘I know you didn’t win a contract, but I’d love for you to be a part of what I’m doing,’ he was an utmost professional. I knew he was going to be really successful. To be part of that train, I just jumped on it. He prepares a lot harder than most people I know. He’s a great speaker, he looks the part, he’s a pro at all times. It was great to have that common bond with him and learn about the business from the inside out with him. He really approaches it the right way. He’s a great performer, he does a lot of things really well, pays attention to detail and I watched and learned from him. There are a lot of things I wanted to step away and do on my own. Now I’m getting that opportunity. I’ll always owe him; he gave me a start when I didn’t have a job. I learned a lot from him.”

Full interview:
Home turf advantage: WWE Superstar Alex Riley returns to his native Washington, D.C., to take on The Miz

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