THQ’s Bryan Williams on the new “WWE 12” game is featuring an interview with THQ’s Bryan Williams who discusses the new “WWE 12” video game that will be the start of a new franchise after the company decided to drop the “Smackdown vs. Raw” series.

“The name SmackDown vs. Raw, as cool as it was, just didn’t really resonate with the product anymore, both for WWE and for our games. Our game is just a snapshot of the entire WWE for that year, and the name change is more appropriate for what we’re offering players. As far as what fans can expect, it’s a smoother gameplay experience. A lot of work has gone into improving the technology behind the game as far as better animation blending and a much more authentic presentation than we’ve had in the past. What we’re striving to get is to is when players play the game, they feel like they’re watching an episode of Raw or SmackDown, or a pay-per-view. So that’s really important to what we’re trying to accomplish this year.”

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THQ & A: “WWE ’12” game designer Bryan Williams