Former WWE Superstar returns to Raw

Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Mia Yim made her return to WWE during Monday night’s episode of Raw, aligning with The O.C. (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) in their continued feud against The Judgment Day (Ripley, Finn Balor, Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio). Yim hit Ripley from behind and then attacked her with a kendo stick.

Below is an excerpt from Mike Tedesco’s Raw recap of how it all went down.

The O.C. comes out to interrupt him. The Judgment Day gets in the ring with Rollins. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows get in the ring. Rollins is standing between both The O.C. and The Judgment Day. Rollins sneaks off and runs away. Styles says this between The O.C. and The Judgment Day is far from over. Bálor says the only thing in this ring that’s over is The Judgment Day. The Club and The O.C. are old news. Styles says that’s the problem. It’s always been the three of them against the four of The Judgment Day. At Crown Jewel, it was no different. They tried to find someone to take care of the Rhea problem, but they couldn’t find them. That someone found them instead.

All of a sudden, Ripley is shoved into the ring post. It’s revealed to be Mia Yim! A brawl breaks out in the ring with The O.C. and The Judgment Day. Yim grabs a kendo stick and beats Ripley with it before sending her into the timekeeper’s area. Gallows and Priest go over the commentary table. Mysterio and Anderson brawl out of the ring. Styles and Bálor brawl in the center of the ring before Bálor quickly escapes. Anderson quickly bounces Bálor off the apron. Mysterio goes for a dive on Styles, but Styles catches him and counters into a Styles Clash. The O.C., with their newest member Mia Yim, stands tall in the ring.

Yim was released by WWE back last November. Prior to her release, she was a member of Retribution, using the in-ring name of “Reckoning.” Yim had become a free agent after she finished up her run with IMPACT Wrestling following the Bound for Glory PPV.

We had reported last week that WWE had interest in bringing Yim back.