According to an article by, WWE star Santino Marella was involved in a car accident Thursday night in Toronto. Santino spoke with the website giving details on the accident where he was hit by another vehicle.

“I had just left home and was going to get my hair cut before I began packing for WWE’s trip to Puerto Rico. [My barber] wasn’t around, so I just decided to go home. My car flipped sideways and the trunk hit a light pole, it completely crushed in. The airbags deployed, and all I could smell was gunpowder. There was broken glass everywhere, and I tried to open the passenger door, but it was stuck. Luckily, there was still power in the car. I opened the sunroof and crawled out.”

Santino will not take part in weekend Raw house shows or Raw this coming Monday.

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Santino Marella in car accident