Melina was injured at last night’s WWE house show in Manchester, NH.

Mike McMahon wrote on his blog:

Maryese/Katie Lea/Alicia Fox def. Melina/Kelly Kelly/Gail Kim

The story of this match was an injury to WWE DIVAS CHAMPION Melina. From my vantage point, it was hard to see what happened to Melina and it’s tough to even speculate on what the injury is. It appeared that the injury occurred while she was giving Katie Lea Burchill a clothesline. I will say that it didn’t appear to be all that serious, but you never know with these things. She was helped to her feet by referee Jack Doan and Kelly Kelly. Then Doan and Kelly helped her to the back where she went through an exit on the opposite side of the wrestlers’. As the doctor was examining Melina in the ring, paramedics brought a stretch to ringside, but it was never used, again pointing to the injury being not of a serious manner. Regardless, it was a scary moment for the crowd and certainly for Melina. She wasn’t visibly limping when brought to her feet, but clearly seemed to shaken up and walking gingerly, with help. Kim and Kelly were clearly concerned, and stayed in the ring and left with Melina.

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