Hey this is Mike Tedesco at the Izod Center with spoilers.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings for January 1:

CM Punk cut a hilarious promo about resolutions and then said next week he’ll save someone from the audience.

CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy in a Beat the Clock match. CM Punk won with the GTS in 7:20. Matt tried to fight off Gallows but took the finisher.

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler in a beat the clock ended in a No Contest when time expired. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag after the match.

The Great Khali beat a jobber called the Carolina Panther. It was roughly 10 seconds long.

Drew McIntyre beat John Morrison by DQ to retain the IC Title. The referees had to separate them after.

R-Truth vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho still to come.

Mickie James beat Beth Phoenix after some failed interference from McCool. Afterwards Beth and Mickie double teamed them. Beth dropped Mickie with a Glam Slam afterwards.

Chris Jericho cut a promo about him beating DX. He said he’s bigger than WWE.

Rey Mysterio beat Chris Jericho in an awesome match with 1 second left on the clock.

Mysterio has the time to beat at 7:19.

The Hart Dynasty beat Yang, Jesse and Maria. Natalya got the Sharpshooter on Maria after.

Batista failed to Beat the Clock when Mysterio interfered. Vickie came out and said Batista and Mysterio will fight next week to determine the real winner.

Rey Mysterio beat Batista in a Dark Match Street Fight with interference from Jericho, Matt Hardy, CM Punk and Kane. Awesome stuff.

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