Eric Cohen of has an interview up with WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr. at this link where he talks about the release of “The Marine 2” on DVD and Blu-ray this week and discusses in detail how he got the role in the movie.

“It was thrown in my lap almost. I was at a RAW and one of the guys came up to me and said ?Hey, we want you to come and read for a movie. Come out a day early next week and read for the movie.? I didn’t think much about it but I went the next week. Right before I went in there, I was sitting and thinking that it would be really cool to be in a movie. I was just there thinking that they wanted to just take a look at me and that I had no chance at all. I was only six months into my career. I went in there and gave it my best shot. After I was done, they said ?Wow. How long have you been acting?? I looked down at my watch and then said ?About 15 minutes.? And that was it. They called me about a week later and told me I had the part. It was off to Thailand after that.”

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