iamstilgar sent this report in:

Triple H dragged himself out of the ring and went up the ramp. John Cena’s music hits and a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title is announced. John Cena is first to the ring, followed by CM Punk, and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio gets in the ring and KO’s the Ref then slides out. Grabs a mic and says “Sorry Guys, but no Referee – No Match”. Bret Hart’s music hits and out comes Bret with a ref shirt. Gets in the ring and the bell rings.

Punk and Cena work together on Del Rio and beat him down. Just as they are finally about to finally wrestle each other, Miz and R-Truth hit the ring for the interference. Bret calls for the bell and the match ends. Punk and Cena clear the ring of Miz and R-Truth. Del Rio is left in the middle at which point they do their final moves and Bret slaps on a Sharp Shooter for the exclamation point.

After he releases, Cena and Punk take turns raising the hand of Bret. Bret leaves the ring and heads up the ramp greeting some of the fans along ringside as he goes. Cena heads up afterwards signing various autographs, gets to the top of the stage and starts throwing some merchandise into the crowd. Punk stays out along ringside longest signing autographs. Some fans grab and start ripping off his wrist tapes. Punk puts on a good show for the fans. Josh finally announces his goodnights on behalf of the WWE and the lights go up.